RBI Policy: There is a good news hidden behind the increase in rates, they will earn a lot

With the announcement of increasing the rates by the Reserve Bank, the calculation is going on around how much your EMI will increase

Of course, the increase in loan rates has a direct effect on one's loan

Along with loans, FD and savings account rates are also increasing

That is, if the Reserve Bank has given the green signal to increase the loan on one hand, then on the other hand it has also given better earning opportunities on FD

The Reserve Bank has increased the repo rates by 1.4 percent in three times in May, June and August

At the same time, it is expected to increase further in the coming time

In May, the RBI increased the rate by 0.4 percent and in the policy review of June and August by half and half percent

After the Reserve Bank's signals, the market is predicting that the rates may increase to the level of 6 percent

That is, in the coming time, your earnings in FD and savings accounts can increase