Top Cryptocurrency in 2022

Top Cryptocurrencies in which you can earn money by investing

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first and largest crypto currency. In 2015 its price was close to 20 thousand but today its price is more than 30 lakhs.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is considered to be the largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. At present its price is close to 3 lakhs.

3. Litecoin

The popularity of Litecoin is increasing day by day. Right now the price of one litecoin is around 10 thousand rupees.

4. Dogecoin

It was prepared in the year 2013 and today its net worth is about $ 54 billion.

5. Steller

Stellar is an open-network mainly used to store and transfer money. It does not take any money from users for doing its network.

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